Journal of the Institute of Pre-School and Early School Education of Pedagogical University of Cracow

Qualification and scientific article review procedure

“Pedagogika Przedszkolna i Wczesnoszkolna”


  1. Granting permission for an article to be published is preceded by the initial qualification and assessment of a minimum of two independent reviews outside the research unit the author is affiliated with.
  2. The initial qualification of texts, basing on formal and substantive requirements is performed by the editorial board.
  3. The editorial board also decides about the choice of reviewers, following the substantive criteria first and designating experts in subject areas related to article’s content. Lack of conflict of interest between the author and the reviewer may be an additional criterion – meaning lack of personal relations, professional subordination and direct scientific cooperation in the preceding two years.
  4. Written review always contains clear reviewer’s conclusion regarding the conditions of permitting the article publication, conditional permission (after correction) or rejection. The conclusion is always followed by a comment justifying the assessment.
  5. Two positive reviews decide on accepting the article for publication, whereas in case of contradictory assessments, the editorial board appoints a third reviewer.
  6. Criteria of qualification for publishing or rejection and the review form are publicly announced on journal’s website.
  7. The list of reviewers assessing the articles is published in the journal once a year (in paper and digital versions), however the reviewer names in cases of specific publications or journal issues remain secret.
  8. At least 50% of the reviewers includes people who are not members of journal’s editorial board, not employed in the editorial office or a party the chief editor is affiliated with.
  9. Publication authors and reviewers do not know their identities.
  10. There are at least two scientific articles published in each issue of the journal.
  11. Reviews of articles written in a foreign language are performed by at least one foreign reviewer.
  12. The “ghostwriting” procedure is regulated by a declaration signed by the article’s author.



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