Journal of the Institute of Pre-School and Early School Education of Pedagogical University of Cracow

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 Pre-School and Early School Education 

received 6 points on the List B in the ranking lists of journals on the 2016 year

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Pedagogika Przedszkolna i Wczesnoszkolna (English: Pre-school and Early School Education) journal is published by Instytut Pedagogiki Przedszkolnej i Szkolnej Uniwersytetu Pedagogicznego im. KEN in Kraków (Institute of Pre-School and Early School Education – Pedagogical University of Cracow) in the form of a semiannual journal.

The aim of the journal is to enable and stimulate a discussion on the academic level regarding upbringing-related problems that are the most important from contemporary perspective, on preschool and elementary school (grades 1 to 3) levels, as well as enable an international discussion regarding the role of preschool and early school education in different directions and tendencies of Polish, European and world pedagogy.

Each issue presents a theme and is dedicated to a different problem. A wide range of the undertaken discourses has been offered, fitting different scientific fields that provide a basis for reflection on the analyzed problematic aspects.

Basic sections of the journal include: scientific articles, reviews, chronicles of scientific activity, comments, inspirations, reflections and a gallery.

Pedagogika Przedszkolna i Wczesnoszkolna journal is directed at people interested in preschool- and early school-related problems, especially academic teachers and students.

Having considered that, we hope that articles and disputes presented in this journal will interest you, result in comments and reflections, questions being raised, discussions being started and first and foremost – inspire to further scientific searches and publishing their results in our journal.


Editorial Team